Most people we know are well aware of climate change. It troubles them and they want to do something about it. They just don't know where to start.

Leaf with a plug on it
DeCarbon was born for that exact reason.

We provide individuals and businesses with an advanced carbon calculator to measure, assess, and offset their carbon emissions.
All done at your fingertips.

All offsets provided by DeCarbon are Green-e® Climate certified meaning they are ensured to meet the highest global standard and you will receive a certificate that validates your offset.

DeCarbon is a product of Switch Engineering, a certified B Corp.

Our Promise

We promise to make the world a better place by:

  • Providing accurate and transparent energy consumption data through the
    use of established engineering principles and years of experience

  • Offering carbon offsets certified by Green- e® Climate
  • Altering the existing infrastructure to lower energy consumption

Our Values


The changes that need to be made to better our planet cannot be done alone. We engage in a network of social, economic, and global relationships that are working towards the same goal- to build a better future.


At DeCarbon, actions are taken daily on how we as a company and as individuals can better serve our planet through new ideas and advanced technology.


Our certifications extend beyond our engineering services to the projects. We uphold the highest of standards in our day-to-day work including the projects through which carbon offsets purchased will fund.

Impactful Sustainability

We put a plan into action and change behaviours that no longer serve our community and the the planet. We do this by participating in the UN's sustainable development goals.


We value and encourage creativity through the tools and solutions we present businesses to fight for a sustainable future. We provide a customized plan for changed behaviour, updating infrastructure and purchasing carbon offsets to suit the individual needs of each business.

Our Team

Tony Valente
Anthony (Tony) Valente
MSc., P.Eng., LEED Green Associate is the Principal of Switch Engineering.

Tony has over 18 years’ experience in Construction Management and Engineering Design, over 12 years’ experience in Engineering Management and Municipal Infrastructure and over 8 years’ experience in Land Development. He is an experienced Mechanical Designer with expert knowledge in energy systems, is trained in the preparation of energy models and energy audits and has considerable experience working as an Engineering Manager for the Edmonton International Airport and other large facilities. Tony acquired his Master of Science in International Construction Management from the University of Bath (U.K.) in 2013, and his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta in 2001

James Logan
James Logan
BSc in Mathematics and Physics

James is a Systems Architect at Switch Engineering where he plays a key role in software development and systems integration. Prior to Switch Engineering, he worked as a Solutions and Systems Architect, Consulting Technical Analyst and Chief Technical Officer with Wooden Sword Consulting (WSC), gathering five years’ experience participating in the design of several mobile and computer-based software programs and serving as Team Lead in a variety of systems installation projects. James acquired a Bachelor of Science double-major in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Alberta and is trained in a variety of programming and markup languages such as C, C++, Python, Django, JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, XML and Latex. James is a full-stack web developer and is also a budding Microsoft Azure Cloud Architect; having obtained his Microsoft Azure AZ-103 certification in 2019. James is responsible for architecting and maintaining Switch Engineering’s cloud infrastructure.

Danielle E
Danielle Everitt
B.Comm. Marketing Major; Dip. AACM

Danielle is the Marketing Coordinator for DeCarbon where she is responsible for all marketing functions such as content creation, marketing strategy development and execution, branding and sales. On a mission to improve the access of environmental sustainability options for businesses, she is focused on creating engaging content that is informative and accessible. She holds a diploma in Arts and Cultural Management and completed her Bachelor of Commerce degree from MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta in 2020. She plans to pursue a Master of Arts in Environmental Practice so that she may continue to use her knowledge and voice to aid in the fight against climate change.